General Info

  •  First class is FREE !!
  • Classes are held Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
  •  Class starts at 9:30
  •  Classes last 1 hour



Fitness levels of all types are welcome, each class will provide various levels of intensity.

What to Bring

  • Set of small weights (2, 3, 5lbs, etc...)
  • Resistance bands
  • Running stroller
  • Yoga mat or beach towel
  • Water
  • Snacks and toys to keep the kids entertained

What to expect

  • Expect to sweat
  • Expect to get stronger
  • Expect to be challenged
  • Expect to be encouraged
  • Expect to make friends

Prepare yourself for a circuit based exercise routine that involves the stroller, energizing music and lots of encouragement.  We'll mix up running, cardio, strength, and flexibility in every class.


Monday - Wednesday - Friday @ 9:30 am

Upward Star Center

9768 Warren H. Abernathy Hwy. Spartanburg, SC 29301