Lauren wagoner

Lauren is an ACE certified group fitness instructor that also holds the American Red Cross CPR/AED certification.  She is a native of Spartanburg and currently lives in Roebuck with husband Dan and their two children Jay (4) and Lynleigh (2).  Some of her favorite ways to exercise are running, doing tabatas, and keeping up with the little ones.  Her goal is to provide excellent workouts while building friendships, encouraging mamas, and building a Stroller Rolling community.


Jessie wagner

Jessie is an ACE certified group fitness instructor and holds a current American Red Cross CPR/AED certification as well. She and her husband Gary have 3 children: Chip, Jack, and Madelyn. Jessie enjoys many different styles of exercising like: barre, cycle, running, strength training, pound, yoga, and pilates. She loves mixing it up to offer the best workouts for her clients.  Her goals are to encourage other mamas and strengthen them in their roles of motherhood as they stroll through life together.


Mallory Knight

Mallory is an ACE certified Group Fitness Instructor and hold a current American Red Cross CPR/AED certification.  Mallory and her husband Shane have two kids, Samuel (4) and Sloane (1).  Mallory loves to dance and tries to incorporate fun routines with strength training.  She also enjoys running and yoga.  Her goal is for moms to come together stress free to form community with each other as they have fun exercising.  "I have enjoyed Stroller Rollers for over year now and have formed life long friendships (so have my kids)!  I love it so much I decided to be 'all-in' and become an instructor."