What should I bring with me?

Bring a jogging stroller and your baby!  If you don't have a jogging stroller, another sturdy stroller will suffice.  Please bring hand weights, a resistance band, a yoga mat or beach towel for core exercises, plenty of water for both mom and baby, and snacks / toys for the kids.

Will there be bathrooms?

Yes!  There will be very nice bathrooms.

What if my baby cries or becomes Upset?

Don't sweat it.  The class is constantly moving and changing areas, which helps to entertain the little ones.  Also, don't forget the favorite toys and snacks!  If you need to feed or hold a crying baby during class please feel free to do so and know that it's no big deal.  It is inevitable that all of us will need to break away at times and you'll have no problem getting caught back up after you've gotten them calmed down and happy.

Can I bring older children to class?

Of course you can!  You are welcome to bring older children.  Please ask them to simply stand by the stroller and play during stations and they can walk or run beside you during transitions.  Please know that older children will require a bit of extra attention to ensure they're safe but it's totally doable and no big deal.  The only thing we ask is that you avoid bringing bikes, scooters or other rolling toys that may put kids in a position to cross paths with running mamas. 

What should I wear?

Typical athletic clothing is all you need.

Can I bring my family (husbands, sisters, moms, etc...)?

Yes! If you have a visiting family member, a sibling, a husband on vacation or a friend that wants to join you bring them to class free of charge.  They'll never forget it!

What do we do during class?

We will begin with a short warm up in front of the entrance to the building.  Then we will take a warm up lap (running, jogging or walking).  This will be about 1/2 mile and a walking and running route will be provided so we call get back about the same time.  Class will continue with two to three stations.  Each station will feature strength and conditioning exercises that utilize your weights, bands and the environment (benches, curbs, your stroller, etc...).  Class will end with core exercises and stretching.  Each class will last approximately 60 minutes.

When and Where do we meet?

Class will start promptly at 9:30 or 4:30 each day.  Please arrive early to get the kids situated and to take a minute to socialize.  We will gather and warm up.  After warm up, class will be moving around the property.  If you are running late, just look for us and jump right in. 

I am pregnant, Is it ok for me to come?

Yes, with the doctor's permission.  If you have the ok from the doc please join us.  We will provide modified exercises for those ladies that are pregnant.  The instructors is also trained in pre and post natal fitness to get you in shape before and after.  Keep in mind, a membership can be suspended at any time if needed. 

Can I cancel my monthly membership, is there any type of contract?

We don't do contracts and you can cancel your membership at any time.